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Twiins HF3 Intercom Bluetooth v5.0

Twins HF3 Intercom with stereo sound, is designed for those who share the ride -...... [Read more]

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Twins HF3 Intercom with stereo sound, is designed for those who share the ride - both in the city and on the road. You can talk with your passenger clearly and safely. Hands-Free functions remain unchanged for individual use: phone, music and navigation while the Intercom functionality allows you to stay in contact with your passenger during the ride. If any call arrives, your Intercom mode will stop, and will allow you to answer. Once the call is finished, your device will return to Intercom mode. Intercom function is ready to stitch on/off just at one button push.

Plug and play! No tools needed! Instant installation with an easy and reliable Velcro fixing system to fit any standard helmet. Once you pair it with your smartphone, it will connect automatically connect every time you switch it on.  Twiins allows you to answer by voice command. Its Voice Answering function allows you to answer a phone call, without taking your hands off the handlebar or your eyes off the road.  One single button to access multiple functions. Faster, easier & smarter. There are no additional or extended cables and charge ports. Easily connected to recharge through its micro-USB port integrated on the microphone, without removing it from the helmet.  Fits inside any standard helmet, preserving its original aesthetic, aerodynamic and safety features. The two HiFi speakers are linked with a think wire hidden beneath the helmet padding, where it goes unnoticed for ultimate safety and comfort.  Superior sound experience with its two HiFi speakers, bringing you optimal sound while the noise reduction technology ensures minimal environment interference while speaking when you ride. Wind and traffic noise is automatically erased, permitting its use in urban environments, and at road speeds.  Wind and road noise are erased for optimum sound even when riding at urban speed. 

Tech Specs:

    Bluetooth® specification v5.0 Bluetooth® Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, EDR Rider-To-Passenger Intercom Range: up to 50 feet Foam speaker covers with Velcro One button multifunction control Microphone with noise reduction Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery: 110 mAH Standby time: 3 days, Charging time: 2 hours Talk time: 6+ hours Total weight: 1 oz Frequency: 2.4 GHz Power supply: DC 5.0V, 500 mA

    *Twiins devices are intended to be used primarily in urban environments with any helmet with speaker pockets. No matter the device you chose, know that road awareness is crucial to Twiins' beliefs. Twiins allow you to hear all the things you need to stay connected while still being able to remain aware of the road around you.

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