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Oxford Brush & Scrub Set

The right tools always help to get the job done quicker and the Brush &...... [Read more]

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The right tools always help to get the job done quicker and the Brush & Scrub Set does just that.

From cleaning delicate paintwork to tackling grime-clad, hard-to-reach areas this set has a solution for every challenge. Use in combination with our Mint Cleaning & Detailing range to keep your bike minty clean and 'best in show'.

The Big Softie is a large, soft cleaning brush, angled for easy use. Its big head gently loosens dirt and rubberised impact zones protect paintwork, so you can blitz your bike in no time at all.

For cleaning wheels, rims and spokes there are two differently shaped brushes: Wheely Clean is long, wide and soft, while the Double Stubble has short high density bristles. Together dirt stands no chance of staying put.

There's no escape from the Prong Brush as it tackles dirty parts from both sides at once, dislodging hard-to-reach debris with its twin-headed design.

Key Features
Includes: Big Softie, Wheely Clean, Double Stubble and Prong Brush
Durable nylon bristles
Rubberised safety tips
Long reach brush head
Tough impact resistant handles

NOTE: To maintain performance of all brushes avoid use with boiling water and on hot parts. We recommend using warm water and allowing all hot parts to cool before use.

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