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Avon AV92 Cobra Chrome Tire

Even though the Avon Cobra Chrome Tires do not contain any actual...... [Read more]

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Even though the Avon Cobra Chrome Tires do not contain any actual chrome, they are made using the R&D Avon collected from their popular and well-loved Cobra tires. The Cobra Chrome tires feature improved grip in both dry and wet conditions and a larger contact patch thanks to an enhanced construction and compound. The Cobra Chrome tires are available in both blackwall and Wide White Wall (WWW) and have an expanded snakeskin and cobra head etching for a unique and truly biting look.


Incorporates sportbike tire technology for nimble handling
Special construction to deal with heavy loads
Incredible stability and longevity - perfect for touring
5% larger contact patch and up to 10% more mileage over original Cobra tires
Unique 'snakeskin-effect' sidewall and aggressive tread pattern
Extra wide sizes for custom bikes
Available in a wide range of sizes, incorporating fitments for Harley Davidson's V-Rod, Triumph's Rocket III, Honda's
Goldwing and Valkyrie plus some sizes for custom bike applications
Whitewalls available in some sizes indicated by WWW

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