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Lethal Threat American Skull Face Mask

This skull face cover from Lethal Threat is a versatile piece of gear for riding...... [Read more]

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This skull face cover from Lethal Threat is a versatile piece of gear for riding and more.

Joggers may be annoying as hell, but they invented gaiters maybe, so they can't be completely dumb. These gaiter things are ingenious: They help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. We have no idea how that works - we really should have talked to a science nerd before writing this. We'd rather talk to a science nerd than a jogger, to be honest.

This American skull mask has an amazing design - it features a distressed-style lower portion of a skull with a tactical-style gray USA flag. It's the perfect way to show off your badass style while protecting your face from the elements. Made from a stretchable fabric that allows for easy breathing, you can use it for riding anything. This includes motorcycles, quads, Jeeps, ATVs, snowmobiles or even your bicycle. Why not? You can also wear it for other outdoor activities to protect you from the elements or to keep your paintball team separate from the others.

In addition to a killer face mask, you can also use the piece as a headband, head wrap or neck warmer. This skull face cover also works well as a face covering for dealing with mask mandates, in case those come up again. Awesome graphics with amazing details make sure you're looking good no matter where or how you wear this piece. It's a must for any badass wardrobe.

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